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M-F Hormone Regimen

I read here several posts from people wondering if their regimen is correct and this is a little scary in that it sounds like a bit of self-directed instead of self-involved. It's so critical that a trained physician is involved in the regimen and follow up testing and adjustments. Blood clots and liver damage are a HUGE concern. Let me say here that I am not by any stretch a doctor or medically trained - ever. What I have done is tons of research and lots of discussion with my doctors. My regimen is not their standard but one that was arrived at after asking tons of questions and not being afraid to ask for something with solid evidence of it's safety and track records gathered from the internet from reliable and well known sources.

The ideal and safest method is intra muscular injection but many physicians won't recommend it because they are afraid that the injections won't be done properly. But if you can demonstrate that you will be trustworthy to do it properly every time and you are shown how to do it properly by the doctor or their nursing staff then you have a good chance at getting it. There are several reasons for this method:

1. It is by far the safest in that it is not first passed through the liver.
2. It is by far the most effective
3. You aren't putting stabilizers and other preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. into your body.

This is what I am taking now:

* Estradiol Valerate 40mg/ml (generic Delestrogen) @ a dosage of 0.5cc per week. The estradiol is in castor oil.
* Real Progesterone 50mg/ml @ a dosage of 0.25cc per 72 hours. The progesterone is in sesame oil.
* Spironolactone 50mg tablets (generic Aldactone) @ a dosage of 1 per 12 hours.
* Fincar 5mg (generic Proscar 5mg) which is finesteride 5mg @ a dosage of 1 per day in the morning.

The injections started out in the butt which was a real hassle for me until I found that you get the same results by injecting into the thigh muscle. No pain at all - ever. You are supplied with a syringe with an 18 gauge needle for drawing the liquid out of the 10ml vials, then you change to a much smaller 22 gauge 1.5 inch needle for the injection. This way the needle used to inject with is not dulled and remains completely sterile at all times. The process is simple:

1. wipe top of vial lightly with alcohol swab, then wipe area to inject.
2. open the syringe with the 18g needle attached and draw out liquid from vial.
3. re-cap needle carefully and remove from syringe
4. open 22g needle and attach to the syringe (do not touch it, keep it sterile.
5. tap the syring to get air collected at top while holding with needle facing up.
6. depress until air and a little liquid comes out of needle
7. pinch area to inject and steadily insert needle all the way into muscle
8. draw it back a little to make sure you don't draw blood into the syringe - done to make sure you haven't hit an artery which is very rare by the way.
9. depress top injecting fluid into muscle and keep syring in for a moment after injecting - i usually count to ten (this keeps the liquid from leaking back out with the withdrawing of the needle.
10. massage area to spread the liquid through the muscle for about 30 seconds is all. All done - Take Maybe 2 minutes. Alternate spots with each injection.

One more note: Don't expect to get these at any regular pharmacy. The Estradiol Valerate and Progesterone are custom compounded at a specialized compounding pharmacy. Your doctor will contact them and then send the prescriptions directly to them via fax. From the time I order it I have it in 3 days.

The best part is the cost:

Estradiol Valerate 10ml vial last about 2.5 months and costs $34.95 incl. the syringes, etc.
Progesterone 10ml vial lasts about 1.5 months and costs 28.95 incl. the syringes, etc.

The Fincar is not available in the US so you need to use an overseas pharmacy for that but it is the real thing from a very reliable pharmaceutical company in India. There are lots of pharmacy resources for it and it costs a lot less than the Proscar available here in the US.
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