Kayla Mepha (syvilan) wrote in transgender,

Transitioning without hormones... Possibility?

I know I am not the only one with unfortunate genetics for hormones. So can one get all the surgeries /etc/ without the hormones? Females just have too many health problems in my family+other risks from taking hormones even if I had good genes for them. Also how much safer is surgery (if you choose the right surgeons) than hormones? On the subject of passing There's only two things in my way when facial hair, and an relatively small Adam's apple.

If someone has enough electrosis/laser hair removal can they permanently lose facial hair without needing to change their hormonal balance?... I am talking about if someone has loads of money, and is very determined. Yes I'm aware I'll be less attractive as a woman than as a man, that's a sacrifice I am willing to make. The thought of being an extremely skeletal woman with no estrogen to soften my features does not disturb me, even though I know it may make me very lonely a while, or forever. I WOULD be seeking hormones if cancer wasn't so common in females in my family, and if it didn't cause the risk of blood clots which scare me. I'm considering hormones in the future but only if it's high tech futuristic hormones with lower risks- which I am not holding my breath for.

So anyone who is uh like me from the possibly future reading this now? I merely want to be highly passable for female, it honestly doesn't bother me much if only a tiny amount of the population would be attracted to me as such. I want safety, and passability, loneliness from potentially becoming a woman very few people find attractive is my least biggest fear, please keep that in mind.

Also: I assume insane genetic cervical cancer rates make the uh what many call the final surgery, means it would endanger me?
Tags: questioning, transition process
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