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lectras_mind [userpic]
So sick of fear mongering about medical transition.
by lectras_mind (lectras_mind)
at December 7th, 2015 (02:20 am)

Well I just got pissed off... Again. How do I put this, I found out about some cisgender people who just out of their own choice entirely get surgeries that are far more risky than any surgeries that are trans related... And yet the other cis people talking about said cis people, respond by criticizing trans peoples surgeries.

Now... I actually am pro-bodily autonomy, including yes, cis people who want to get extremely risky surgeries- otherwise I feel like I'd be a massive hypocrite, but seeing cis people, entirely of their free will choose to get their ribs removed- not due to disease or health or whatever, and then commentators every, immediately start bringing up trans people, then criticizing trans people for getting surgery makes me upset.

To be totally fair, the cisgender woman in question is experiencing a ton of extremely judgmental hateful comments towards her... And I support her choice to do that, even if I'll never understand that. But... People are comparing removing the ribs- one of the riskiest procedures in the entire world, that makes you far far more likely to get fatally injured... To SRS SURGERY and HRT!!!!!! It's all the fear mongering about trans specific surgery, and all the fear mongering about medical transition that upsets me so much.

And please note, I don't endorse criticizing cis people who seek out very risky surgeries for reasons that are hard to understand, rather I'm simply saying that often times there's a lot of fear mongering, where trans people medically transitioning seems to always inevitably get brought up, you know with all the classic transphobic fearmongering.

So many cis people act like medical transition- especially involving surgery in risk factor, is somehow comparable to a cis person, with no known detectable medical brain problems- just eagerly choosing to get brain surgery for no known reason.

Which to someone who actually knows about these things, knows that's just transphobic fear mongering. Of course there's risks but they are just so vastly exaggerated. I wish cis people, would stop treating trans people, like they are cis people who are seeking some of the riskiest procedures in the world. I wish more cis people would for once realize, that not all surgery is the same thing.

Now whenever I heard of a cisgender person seeking an extremely risky surgery- done because they want it, I'm afraid that it's nearly guaranteed a lot of cis people are going to start bringing up trans people, and then start their fear mongering again. Why do so many cis people do this? It's so aggravating.

I believe everyone should be able to do what they want with their bodies... Cis people seeking ultra risky surgeries included- and without being harassed about it... But I sure do wish people didn't start fear mongering about medical transition of TRANS PEOPLE whenever a CIS PERSON seeks out a SURGERY that is NOT RELATED to being TRANS.


Posted by: Maura the Art Nun (sistawendy)
Posted at: December 8th, 2015 01:49 am (UTC)

  1. The cis haters are fools. They don't deserve your attention.
  2. My surgeon, Dr. Bowers, told me before my surgery that SRS really isn't that major as surgery goes. That honor goes to brain, thoracic, and orthopedic surgeons. I was up and (unwisely) taking mass transit all the way up Silicon Valley a week after my SRS.

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