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Michael [userpic]
by Michael (ftmichael)

Welcome to transgender! Please read the tags and memories before posting questions, as your question may well have been answered already.

(This post is a permanent work in progress.)

Thanks to danielray for originally compiling these! (Please comment to add new ones. Once they've been added, your comment will be deleted.)

- _ftm_ Alternate general Transmasculine community
- ftm General community for Transmasculine folks and allies
- ftmgaragesale Sell clothes or items you no longer need to other Transmasculine folks
- ftmsurgeryinfo Info about various surgeries for Transmasculine people
- genderqueer For genderqueer and non-binary folks.
- mtf General community for Transfeminine folks and allies.
- non_binary For non-binary folks.
- partners_of_tg For partners of Trans people
- transgender This community!

Specific identities, affiliations, and situations not specifically related to gender identity or sexual orientation
- aspie_trans For Trans-identified people who are also on the autism spectrum.
- ftms_of_color For Transmasculine people of color
- trans_poc For Trans people of color
- transdads For Transmasculine folks who are already parents and already in transition - focused on being a Trans dad, not becoming one.
- transgamers For Trans people who are into MMORPGs
- transparents Trans people and their partners who are or are tying to become parents

For discussing specific topics
- ftmfit Discussion of health and fitness as a Transmasculine person
- ftmsurgeryinfo To discuss surgeries for Transmasculine people
- transnews News relevant to Trans people
- transletters Coming out letters, letters from therapists and surgeons, name change forms, and other correspondence related to coming out and transition
- transparents For Trans people who are parents.

Regional groups
- ru_transgender Russia: "Сообщество трансгендеров"
- tguk United Kingdom
- uk_trans_men United Kingdom (Transmasculine only)

Photo posting communities
- ftmvanity Self-portraits of Transmasculine folks
- genderqrvanity Self-portraits of non-binary folks
- transphoto Transition and other photos of Trans-identified people

Organizations/groups/resource sites
http://www.pfc.org.uk/ - Press for change (UK)
http://pflag.org/transgender - PFLAG's Transgender Support

Places to chat/connect

Transmasculine Passing Tips

Transfeminine Passing Tips

Surgery Information

Regional Groups
http://forge-forward.org/ - Wisconsin, United States
https://forgemcr.org.uk/ - Manchester, England (Transmasculine only)
http://ftmlondon.org.uk/ - London, United Kingdom (Transmasculine only)
http://compassftm.org/ - Massachusetts, United States (Transmasculine only)


Posted by: Druga Krysia (nanaki_muyo)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)

Very helpful, thank you.

BTW, I'm totally stealing that icon.

Posted by: Jen (jenaflynn)
Posted at: December 24th, 2006 04:12 am (UTC)

Wonderful list. I've quite happily bookmarked this.

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