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Michael [userpic]
by Michael (ftmichael)

Welcome to transgender! Please read the tags and memories before posting questions, as your question may well have been answered already.

(This post is a permanent work in progress.)

Thanks to danielray for originally compiling these! (Please comment to add new ones. Once they've been added, in an effort to keep things clean and not have a huge no-longer-relevant list to scroll through, your comment will be deleted.)

- ___passing___ Passing advice.
- _ftm_ Alternate general FTM community.
- _hmm "Celebrating gender difference in all its forms."
- ftm General community for FTMs and allies.
- ftm_meets_world A place for transguys to talk about guy issues (as opposed to passing issues).
- ftmgaragesale Sell clothes or items you no longer need to other FTMs.
- ftmresources FTM resources.
- genderqueer For genderqueer and non-binary-identified folks.
- genderswapshop Exchange clothes or items you no longer need with other Trans folks.
- mtf General community for MTFs and allies.
- non_binary For non-binary-identified folks who are beyond the initial stages of identity questioning.
- trans_201 For discussion of Trans issues beyond the basic 101 stuff.
- trans_studies For people to post requests for help with research projects regarding Trans or gender issues.
- transgender This community!
- transmentors To match up people who identify as Transgender, genderqueer, etc. with others who can act as mentors.
- trueselves For Trans folks who are part of generation X or subsequent generations.
- tssupport General Trans community.
- underworks_swap Exchange of Underworks binders.

Various identities under Trans umbrellas
- alternatrans For people who identify outside the mainstream in addition to being Trans.
- androgynes Androgyne: A person whose biological sex is not readily apparent, whether owing to chance or choice.
- androgyny_ru Russian androgynes community
- any_bodied_men Community for Transmen and cismen who are attracted to men
- bigender Bigendered (n.) One who has a significant gender identity that encompasses both genders, masculine and feminine.
- birls For androgynous/boyish/masculine females and those who don't let their sex define who they are
- birlzine An online zine for birls
- boisfemmesinbed For boi-identified individuals who like femme-identified individuals and vice versa.
- boy2boitrans For masculine MTFs
- butchfemme Discussion relating to the Butch/Femme dynamic
- crossdressing For folks who crossdress
- drag_kings For drag kings
- dragkingfags For drag kings attracted to other drag kings and/or other masculine people
- dragkingtips For drag kings to exchange tips on passing and performance
- dragqueens For drag queens
- dyke_androgyny For androgynous lesbian-identified folks
- femboysfrmvenus For gay men who regard themselves as genderqueer, girly boy, androgynous, non-manly and fem males.
- femme_ftm For femme-identified FTMs
- ftm_leather_bar An online Leather Bar for FTMs and their admirers.
- ftmen For transitioned (FTM) men to discuss issues they specifically face
- genderfuck To discuss gender in general, and to question and make observations about gender
- genderoutlaws For those who identify as transsexual, Transgender, gender variant, intersex, genderqueer, etc. (and allies) who are committed to radical politics, action, thinking and a global perspective.
- genderqueer For those who don't fit into one or the other of the binary genders
- gender_fucked Hate-free community to express one's self, gender, and sexuality.
- girlfags For female-bodied folks who are attracted to and/or identify as gay men
- intergender Between, around, over, under, and through gender
- leather_outlaws For kinky and leather Trans/genderqueer/etc.-identified folk and allies.
- leatherftms For FTMs in the leather community.
- maletomale For FTM individuals who feel that, even if they are undergoing/underwent a physical transition, they have always been male
- non_binary For non-binary-identified folks who are beyond the initial stages of identity questioning.
- queer_ftm For FTMs who identify as queer.
- queerdammit For queer-identified folks in straight-appearing relationships.
- str8_cds For straight-identified crossdressers.
- trans_bdsm For Trans-identified folks into BDSM.
- trans_kink For Trans-identified kinky folks.
- transgays For gay/bi/queer-identified FTMs, partners, and friends.
- trannyfags For gay/bi/queer-identified FTMs, partners, and friends.
- transenough Community to discuss when we feel as though we are not Trans enough, man enough, woman enough, androgynous enough, or gendered enough
- transexualmen For transsexual men
- ts4change For men and women of transsexual experience to discuss issues related to identifying within the gender binary and navigating the Transgender community

Issues relating to transition or not transitioning
- almost_trans For people considering or on the verge of entering physical transition
- closeted_ftm For FTMs who are out to themselves but not others.
- ftmsurgeryinfo Info about various surgeries related to FTM transition.
- honesttrans For Trans/genderqueer/etc.-identified people who are out and open about their Trans/genderqueer/etc. status.
- our_own_path For Trans+ folks who are struggling with, have decided against, or have started and stopped medical transition.
- queeredbodies For genderqueer-identified folks who are modifying or considering modifying their bodies
- startingt To discuss the first few months to a year of being on testosterone.
- stopping_t To discuss stopping testosterone.
- testosterone For FTMs to discuss T-related issues.
- trans_coverage Discussing getting insurance coverage for various parts of medical transition
- trans_stealth For Trans-identified people who prefer, would like to be, or are currently stealth in some or all parts of their lives.

Specific identities, affiliations, and situations not specifically related to gender identity or sexual orientation
- aspie_trans For Trans-identified people who are also dealing with Asperger's or autism (anywhere on the spectrum).
- disabledtrans For Trans-identified people who are also disabled.
- ftm_in_the_arts For FTM-spectrum folk who are artists of any sort.
- ftm_youth For FTM youth (generally taken to mean early 20s or younger)
- ftms_of_color For FTM-identified people of colour
- ftmstudents For FTMs who are currently students
- glbtq_disabled For GLBT-etc. people who are also disabled.
- gq_survivors For genderqueer-identified survivors of abuse, be it mental, emotional, physical, or sexual.
- gqwriters For writers who are members of the genderqueer/queer communities, who may identify (among other things) as genderqueer, Trans, queer, allied or something else entirely.
- kicked_out For Trans and genderqueer people who have lost or who anticipate losing parental support (emotional, housing, financial)
- musicaltrans For Trans people who are musicians or aspiring musicians.
- queerandsober For GLBT-etc. identified folks who are living drink/drug free or want to limit their drink/drug intake.
- queersurvivors For GLBT-etc. identified survivors of any sort of abuse or assault
- sapphos_ed For queers with eating disorders.
- studs_of_color For stud/butch lesbians of colour to post pics and show off what they have and communicate with each other.
- tgpos For Transgender people of size. Pro-Trans and pro-size.
- trans_academics For academic discussions of Trans stuff, gender, etc.
- trans_artist For Trans-identified folk who are artists of any sort.
- trans_comicgeek For Trans-identified folk who are into comics.
- trans_ed For Trans-identified folk with eating disorders.
- trans_espanol For Spanish-speaking Trans-identified people. (Para hispanohablantes quien son transgéneros o transexuales.)
- trans_fibro_cfs For Trans-identified folk who have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.
- trans_healing For Trans and genderqueer people who have experienced or are experiencing abusive and/or toxic families or other authority figures
- trans_m_arts For Trans people into martial arts
- trans_poc For Trans-identified people of colour
- transabusevic For Trans-identified survivors of any sort of abuse or assault
- transacademics For Trans people in the world of academia
- transconsole For Trans people who are console gamers
- transdads For FTM-spectrum folks who are already parents and already in transition - focused on being a Trans dad, not becoming one.
- transfats For fat Trans people who don't apologise for their size.
- transfurry For Trans folk who are involved in the furry community
- transgamers For Trans people who are into MMORPGs
- transmultiple For Trans people who are also on the multiple spectrum.
- transparents Trans people and their partners who are or are tying to become parents
- transpauper To discuss financial challenges in relation to being Trans
- transradicals For anarchists, socialists, communists, and other radicals that identify as transsexual, Transgender, or genderqueer. Allies are welcome.
- transyouth For Trans youth (generally taken to mean early 20s or younger)
- tranzsexworkers For Trans/genderqueer/intersex folks who work in any part of the sex trade, be it as an escort, erotic masseuse/masseur, porn star, etc.
- youngtranswomen For younger MTF-spectrum folk, generally under 30 but not super-strict about the age limit.

For discussing specific topics
- _rememberthem_ Based on the Remembering Our Dead website.
- abolishgender Conspiring to abolish gendered dress codes, gendered language, gendered career segregation, gendered behavioural patterns, gendered sexual preferences, and the gender salary gap.
- aged_ftm For older Trans guys who want to discuss issues pertaining to being not-so-young.
- birl_style A place where "birls" can rant, rave and post pictures of anything and everything to do with clothing and how it relates to gender
- camptrans For supporters to discuss Camp Trans and work together to make CT an even better space.
- couples_like_us For people whose gender roles are often the opposite of what people would expect, who happen to like their partners the same way.
- dot_trans_snark Oriented to snark in response to Transphobic comments.
- fem_tg_bklist A forum for the discussion of Feminist and Gender Theory literature
- ftm_in_bed To discuss issues of sex and sexuality in relation to being FTM
- ftm_lateryears Beyond transition - "Now what?" (FTM only)
- ftmfit Discussion of health and fitness as an FTM person
- ftmsurgeryinfo To discuss FTM-related surgeries
- genderotica Porn-posting community (stories and pictures) for Transfolk and friends. (18+ only)
- hirstory Writing an informal textbook for/about gender-different people, who seldom find representation in mainstream education.
- mtfinbed To discuss issues of sex and sexuality in relation to being MTF
- namechange Discuss the hows and the whys of name changes
- packersnpacking For discussions of packers and packing, particularly making your own packer.
- queerconference Spread the word and get news about assorted queer conferences around the world.
- small_victories Trans-specific version of share_good_news - a place to share the little Trans-related positive things that happen in our lives.
- tg_sex For talking about sex between both Trans people and partners in a pro-sex manner. To help people get through sexual problems when they arise. (18+)
- this_blows Community for LGBTIQQ people dealing with grief, loss, or crisis.
- trans_psych For Trans people living with emotional and/or mental health problems, whether their own or their partner's.
- trans_si For Trans-identified people who want to discuss self-injury.
- transfeminism To discuss the personal, social, political and academic intersections of gender diverse identities with that of the feminist movements. All gender identities are welcome.
- transfeminismuk UK-specific branch of transfeminism.
- transfinance For Trans-identified people to discuss how to reach financial goals, whether to aid in their current transition plans or not.
- transhealth Discussion of issues related to the health of Trans people: physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.
- transnews News relevant to Trans people
- transletters Coming out letters, letters from therapists and surgeons, name change forms, and other correspondence related to coming out and transition
- transparents For Trans people who are parents.
- transrcyclist For Trans cyclists.
- transvoice For Trans people who want help with voice modification techniques
- tsa For Trans people into fandoms and/or slash.
- wrongbathroom Stories and support around passing as one's correct or incorrect gender or not visually fitting into people's gendered expectations

For partners, friends, and allies
- actgp Adult children of Trans parents
- allybootcamp For members of the community as well, helping everyone to become better allies to each other
- any_bodied_men Community for Transmen and cismen who are attracted to men
- couples_like_us For people whose gender roles are often the opposite of what people would expect, who happen to like their partners the same way.
- ftm_partners For partners of FTMs
- joinedbylove For GLBT, queer, etc. families, à la PFLAG.
- m2fandpartners For MTFs and their partners
- mygirlyman For people who love boys dressed as girls
- mykidistrans For parents of Trans folk
- partners_of_ftm For partners of FTMs
- partners_of_tg For partners of Trans people
- partnersoftsmen For partners of transsexual men
- pflag For GLBT, queer, etc. families. See also http://pflag.org/
- philasoffas For SOFFAs of Trans folks in the Philadelphia area in the United States.
- str8tmenandftms For straight cismen partnered to FTMs and FTMs partnered to straight cismen
- tg_sex For talking about sex between both Trans people and partners in a pro-sex manner. To help people get through sexual problems when they arise. (18+)
- tlovest For Trans people who are attracted to, seeking, or partnered to other Trans people
- trans_marriage For Trans people and their partners who are married, engaged, thinking of getting married or want information on Trans marriage.
- trans_relshps For Trans people and their partners, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation
- trans_sensual Transgender love in all forms
- transpartners For partners of Trans people
- women_w_ftms For women partnered with FTMs

Religious/spiritual groups
- glbt_pagan For GLBT, queer, etc. Pagans
- modern_gallae For modern gallae, and other Trans folk who feel that their Transgender experience is, above all, a spiritual thing.
- one_in_a_minyan For GLBT, queer, etc. Jews
- queer_atheists For queer-identified people who are also atheists or agnostics
- queer_spiritual For queer-identified people to discuss religion and spirituality.
- tgpaganzine Trans/Pagan ezine. Submit your writing, photos, or anything else creative.
- trans_jews For Trans-identified people who are also Jewish or interested in Judaism
- trans_magic For Trans Pagans
- transchristian For Christian Trans people
- transmuslims For Muslim Trans people
- transuu For Unitarian Universalist Trans people
- x_ftm For Christian FTMs

Regional groups
- aussie_tg Australia
- australian_ftm Australia (FTM only)
- baltiwash_trans Baltimore/Washington, DC area, United States
- bayarea_ftm San Francisco Bay area, United States (FTM only)
- bc_genderqueer British Columbia, Canada
- chicagotransmen Chicago area, United States (FTM only)
- florida_boi_b_q South Florida, United States (FTM only)
- floridatrans Florida, United States
- ftm_asia For those anywhere in Asia or who are of Asian descent (FTM only)
- ftm_boston Boston, Massachusetts, United States (FTM only)
- ftm_nw Northwest region of the United States (FTM only)
- ftm_ny New York state, United States (FTM only)
- ftmhookupne Northeast United States. Primarily for dating.
- ftmwesternmass Western Massachusetts, United States (FTM only)
- glbt_longisland Long Island, New York, United States (GLBT generally, not just Trans)
- maine_ftm Maine, United States (FTM only)
- melbourne_tg Melbourne, Australia
- mississippi_tg Mississippi, United States
- nc_ftm North Carolina, United States (FTM only)
- njftm New Jersey, United States (FTM only)
- nola_trans New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
- ozarks_tg Ozarks region, United States
- paftm Pennsylvania, United States (FTM only)
- philly_ftm Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (FTM only)
- phillytrans Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
- queermalaysians Malaysia. For all GLBTQetc. folks, not just Trans folks.
- rtrans University of Rochester Counseling Centre Gender Identity Group, Rochester, New York, United States
- ru_trans Russia: "Сообщество трансгендеров"
- ru_transgender Russia: "Сообщество трансгендеров"
- socal_trans Southern California, United States
- taugammabeta Tallahassee, Florida, United States
- tguk United Kingdom
- tmgp Melbourne, Australia
- trans_atlanta Atlanta, Georgia, United States
- trans_indiana Indiana, United States
- trans_ne New England, United States
- trans_portland Portland, Oregon, United States
- trans_youth_ott Ottawa, Canada. For youth.
- transcanada Canada
- transdc District of Columbia, United States
- transdurham Durham area, Ontario, Canada
- transfeminismuk UK-specific branch of transfeminism.
- transireland Ireland
- transohio Ohio, United States
- transseattle Seattle, Washington, United States
- transstudents United Kingdom. For students.
- transtexas Texas, United States
- transtoronto Toronto, Canada
- uk_trans_men United Kingdom (FTM only)
- western_ma_m4m Western Massachusetts, United States. For gay, bisexual, bi-curious, and Transgender men.

Photo posting communities (non-rating)
- boysboisboyz Sexually explicit self-portraits of Trans people who identify as male, masculine, FTM, genderqueer, boy, boi, butch, etc. (18+)
- ftm_pre_2_post For FTMs to share stories and pictures of being pre-hormones/surgery and those of post-hormones/surgery.
- ftmundressed Sexually explicit self-portraits of (usually transitioned) FTMs (18+)
- ftmvanity Non-sexually explicit self-portraits of FTMs
- genderotica Sexually explicit self-portraits of Trans-identified people of all flavours (18+)
- genderqrvanity Non-sexually explicit self-portraits of genderqueer folk
- glamour_bois For boys who wear make-up, guys who cross-dress, or girls who have tips!
- mtf_undressed Sexually explicit self-portraits of (usually transitioned) MTFs (18+)
- mygirlyman For folks who love boys who dress like girls, whether you're just an admirer or you're in a relationship with a lovely boi.
- pretty_bois Photos of boi-identified people
- transphoto Transition and other photos of Trans-identified people
- turtlecocks For men who are growers, not showers. Sexually explicit. (18+)

Organizations/groups/resource sites
http://www.pfc.org.uk/ - Press for change (UK)
http://ganimede.transboys.info/resources.html (UK)
http://pflag.org/transgender - PFLAG's Transgender Support

Places to chat/connect
http://lgbtyouth.org/ - The UK's National LGBT Youth Organisation

FTM Passing Tips

MTF Passing Tips

Surgery Information

Regional Groups
http://forge-forward.org/ - Wisconsin, United States
http://compassftm.org/ - Massachusetts, United States (FTM only)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ftm-uk/ - United Kingdom (FTM only)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/coqsure/ - Portland, Oregon, United States (FTM only)
https://morfmanchester.blogspot.com/p/what-is-morf.html - Manchester, England (FTM only)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vanguys/ - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (FTM only)


Posted by: Silent Key (radargrrl)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2006 04:21 pm (UTC)

Does this mean Kels isn't the mod anymore?

Posted by: Michael (ftmichael)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC)

nezchan is listed as the mod. I'm not a mod, I just thought this would be a good thing to have. I'm hoping that our mod will create tags (any user can tag any post, but only the mod(s) can create new tags) and link to this post from the community's profile.

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Skyce (skyce)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)

Very good resources
Nice to have them all listed in one convenient place

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Michael (ftmichael)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)

Sure, I'd be happy to. I'd sure love to get those tags created if nothing else! ;)

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Jamie (mistwolf)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2006 01:12 pm (UTC)


Posted by: Michael (ftmichael)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2006 01:48 pm (UTC)

Thank you!

Posted by: Druga Krysia (nanaki_muyo)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)

Very helpful, thank you.

BTW, I'm totally stealing that icon.

Posted by: Jen (jenaflynn)
Posted at: December 24th, 2006 04:12 am (UTC)

Wonderful list. I've quite happily bookmarked this.

Posted by: Sedated_Sadism (sedated_sadism)
Posted at: August 17th, 2008 11:05 am (UTC)

Wow, so many links XD

Posted by: Kei (slinkslowdown)
Posted at: March 10th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)


Could you add this comm?

Posted by: Michael (ftmichael)
Posted at: March 10th, 2012 03:20 am (UTC)

Done! :)

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