July 2nd, 2005

Faerie, Amy Brown


Hi all!

Does anyone here know the story behind this band? I've recently become obcessed with them because so many of their songs seem to have TG or at least gender deviant messages. It's nice to hear music from a fairly mainstream band that is either supportive or at least seems to be empathetic towards t-folk.

Anyone know where the music comes from?
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Trans Homelessness Article [Boston]

There is an article in the weekly dig this week on trans homelessness, having had worked at a women's center trying to pull together resources on housing and resources for the trans women who visit the center (and having come across roadblocks when searching for shelters etc which are safe for transwomen and place them in rooms w/ other women) i was glad to see this in the paper... acknowledging the limited options..
[taken from this week's weekly dig]

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Some people seem to be upset about the passing of same-sex legislation in Canada.

Protester condemns same-sex legislation
Jamie Komarnicki
The StarPhoenix
July 2, 2005

CREDIT: Richard Marjan, The StarPhoenix
Robert Doell prepares to burn three Canadian flags in front of the Korean War memorial at City Hall

A man protesting the recently passed federal same-sex marriage legislation lit three Canadian flags on fire Friday in front of City Hall.

While others across the city were taking part in Canada Day festivities, Robert Doell, 41, said he felt compelled to make his point.

"Most people are celebrating the country they live in and I don't believe there's any longer something to celebrate," he said. "I believe with the passing of the same-sex legislation we've now turned our backs on all the 10 Commandments and this country has now become a pagan country."

Armed with a lighter and a fire extinguisher, the University of Saskatchewan commerce graduate knelt in front of the war memorial and lit the three flags on fire.

He said he meant no disrespect to veterans.

"(I) believe what our government did is more desecration to their memory than I'm doing by burning flags," Doell said.

Although he'd invited family members and friends, no one arrived to lend support for the flag burning, which Doell said might have been "too extreme" for them.

"What's more important, a country's symbol, or a symbol that the country is going to hell and that they should change," Doell said.

Thin streams of smoke curled into the air as tiny flames lit and sputtered, melting the flags together.

When the burning was over, Doell said he "never expected to change the world.

"I just wanted to make the point that our government is desecrating our flag whether they believe it or not," he said.

"Passing the same-sex legislation is the final step, the final breaking of the Commandments. There's nothing else this country can break, turn it's back on."

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