February 24th, 2008

Andrea James

Andrea James (TSRoadmap) is attempting to "out" me. Today, she published my full name on her website. I don't know how she found it, I tried Googling the email I gave and such but there were no connections. I know she has skills, she is almost making a career out of harassing transsexuals that she disagrees with, or in my case, even are open to discussing topics she disagrees with.

She was notoriously vicious with J. Michael Bailey, posting photos of his children. For the past few years, she has tried to obtain and publish any personal information she can find on individuals associated with Kiira Triea and the pro-Blanchard (HSTS/AGP) transkids.us website. Well, I was a member of the forum on that website. Now I am a target.

Now, I'm not a hardcore advocate of the Blanchard model for transsexualism. But even if I was, harassment and intimidation are not acceptable. I know publishing my full name isn't really harassment yet but I will bet money that she'll expand that. She's done it many times before.

She says that anyone who discusses the theory is a threat to the "transgender community" and it's her job to protect "them" from "us". Who made her judge, jury and executioner? I think what needs to happen is that many people need to confront her through email and say that this is not okay. I tried to tell her that and look what I got. If enough people tell her, she may realize that what she is doing is not acceptable.

It's kind of like in high school, someone attempted to physically attack me with a weapon after he found out I was gay (it was no secret, I'm surprised he didn't know). Many people stood between him and me, asking him what was going on. He was foaming at the mouth, "he... he's... gay!" People just stared at him, "... and?" He finally realized that he was in the minority and dropped the weapon. I later tried to shake his hand to show that I had no hard feelings but he wouldn't have it.

Send your emails to andrea@deepstealth.com

EDIT: I guess it helps if I link to our discussion: Transkids.us Published Server Logs