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Sarah Brown [userpic]
Late Breast Growth
by Sarah Brown (auntysarah)
at June 12th, 2011 (11:42 pm)

OK, some background. Started HRT in January 2006, SRS in January 2007. Breasts grew to 34C and stopped sometime in 2008. Since then they have been quiescent. No tenderness, no hardness, just perfectly well behaved breasts kinda sitting there and minding their own business.

2 months ago I went to get my regular repeat prescription - 2mg Progynova (estradiol valerate) pills, to be taken twice daily. The pharmacy didn't have them in stock and gave me Zumenon instead (estradiol hemihydrate).

Towards the end of that month, my breasts became tender. I also started to gain weight. Fast forward to now - I'm back on my usual drug, but my nipples are as tender as they were at the height of transition and the characteristic hard discs are there behind them. They are also definitely bigger.

But I've been on HRT for five and a half years, and I thought they'd finished. Now it's like I'm back in 2006, only starting from a C cup instead of a flat chest. While having cleavage (which now seems likely if they don't stop soon) will be nice, I'm slightly worried about where they might end up! I like my spine in working order!

Anyway, has anyone else experienced anything like this? Sudden unexpected breast growth years post transition and post op, after a prolonged period of them being completely static?

Oh, I should also mention that back in 2008 I deliberately induced lactation for a while. That made me gain a cup size temporarily, but I lost it again when I stopped. It does mean I have developed milk ducts though.


Posted by: The tales of a dizzy blonde (alicephilippa)
Posted at: June 12th, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC)

Mine go through phases and they are in a growth phase ATM. I'd like not to have to buy 38D bras, TYVM. The last few days I've been have a "Where the fsck did they come from?" time.

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