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OK, I may be making an incorrect statement here but from what I can remember estrogen redistributes fat to help create breasts. It also moves it to the face and bottom. If I'm correct.

Now, based on this information the fact I haven't lost weight but have been told on numerous occasion I have got slimmer, would be make that statement correct.

The trouble I have is I am underweight. Always have been. My irregular dietary habits and gluten intolerance doesn't help. This has lead me to believe I do not have enough resources for the hormones to their job. This probably explains why I feel that my breasts aren't forming any more. they have stopped growing despite an increase in my hormone dosage.

So, I'm thinking a change of diet. To one more regular and to one with more helpful fats! The problem with this is knowing what fats to include in my new diet.

Any ideas?

Tags: oestrogen-health, oestrogen-miscellaneous, oestrogen-pills

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