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drewbiee02 [userpic]
by drewbiee02 (drewbiee02)
at May 11th, 2015 (04:43 pm)

Had anyone or does anyone know someone who has gone to Thailand to get surgery? Heard it's cheaper there and that American doctors go there to learn from them. If you have any information if you could comment or send me a message that would be great!


Posted by: Kathy (kathygnome)
Posted at: May 11th, 2015 10:14 pm (UTC)

I had surgery ten years ago with Chettawut (literally ten years ago today I was in Thailand). There are several surgeons there that are excellent including Chet and Suporn. It's somewhat less expensive (it was far less expensive--ten years ago I paid $6500 and US surgeons were charging $20k -- no clue what anyone charges today), but I think people now mostly go for the quality.

I loved Thailand and definitely want to visit again.

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Posted by: drewbiee02 (drewbiee02)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 01:29 am (UTC)

If you don't mind. What surgery did you get and are you satisfied with the results?

Posted by: Kathy (kathygnome)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 02:05 pm (UTC)

SRS and BAS. I think he went too big on BAS and I wish I had pushed back. The SRS is fine, but I was, well, short on donor material. He's since updated his technique significantly.

Posted by: Kathy (kathygnome)
Posted at: May 13th, 2015 10:30 am (UTC)

I just clicked through to your profile and should add that I don't know anything about FTM surgeries in Thailand. While they have a cultural tradition of transgendered women, the same isn't true for transgendered men and I don't know of anyone I've heard who's distinguished themselves for FTM surgeries in the way they have for MTF.

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Posted by: Kathy (kathygnome)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 02:07 pm (UTC)


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Posted by: Kathy (kathygnome)
Posted at: May 13th, 2015 10:29 am (UTC)

Oh please. The adults are talking. Let's leave the urban legends elsewhere.

The SRS surgeons in Thailand are top of the world and operate in modern facilities. In addition to SRS, Thailand is a major destination for medical tourism with millions of people visiting each year for medical care.

Certainly the level of care I had was superior to anything I've experienced in the US.

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Posted by: The Lizard Alien (varanus)
Posted at: May 14th, 2015 01:46 am (UTC)

Well, when you're circulating thinly-veiled racist fairy tales, you can expect to be excluded from the reasonable adults' club. There is indeed an illegal organ trade, but medical tourists are not the targets (most often it's desperate people convinced to sell their non-essential organs for a lot less than they're worth).

Posted by: drewbiee02 (drewbiee02)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 01:07 pm (UTC)

Aw yeah I didn't think of that

Posted by: drewbiee02 (drewbiee02)
Posted at: May 13th, 2015 08:17 pm (UTC)

That's okay thank you for your help!

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