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testosterone and smoking cigarettes

im in northern ireland and i had an appointment with the gender identity clinic for under 18's 3 days ago about medically transitioning.

they told me when i get referred to the adult clinic (next year) that they will automatically turn me down for testosterone if im a smoker, they also said i have to loose a bit of weight even tho im at a healthy weight for my height and age. they said im not allowed energy drinks either and i have to cut out junk food from my diet, even though ive had check ups at my doctors office and they said im perfectly healthy (for what i can be being a smoker, but the doctor also said that surprisingly smoking hasn't affected me that much). the under 18's clinic said i have to loose weight, stop smoking, cut junk food out of my diet and exercise more by my 18th birthday which is in may 2019. im worried about not being able to do it, i have the motivation but its such a short period of time and they said if i don't then i don't get testosterone and i don't have enough money to go to a private doctors/hospital. can anyone offer any advise? i don't know what to do and its putting me under a lot of stress. i don't exactly want to quit smoking and ive heard of a few trans people who smoke so? idk?


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