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Transgender Community

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Bringing together Trans people of all flavors for discussion and support.
Эта группа для английского языка только. Смотрите ru_transgender для русского языка.

The Transgender LJ Community exists to bring together Trans people of all kinds for discussion of Trans issues.

If you’re new to the community, please check out the tags. The tags will help you find posts on commonly asked questions. (The tags for any journal or community can be accessed by clicking the Tags link at the top of the profile page.)

For an organized list of other Trans-related communities (and there are a lot of them), look in this post (and feel free to comment there if you know of any additional communities).

Your friendly neighborhood moderator is ftmichael. He's here to help.

Community Rules (in no particular order):
1.) No personal attacks on others. Constructive criticism of something that someone else says is fine; flat-out insulting someone is not.
2.) Requests for donations/money are not allowed.
3.) Anything NSFW should be behind a cut tag, with a note in front of the tag indicating why it's been cut. Links to sites, communities, etc. that are sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be indicated as such.
4.) Posts, comments, and default userpics should be kept free of explicit content. (from https://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/107.html )
5.) Posts containing pictures of genitals, including prosthetics for soft packing, hard packing, or STP purposes, are not allowed. The same is true for gaffes, tucking underwear, breast forms, etc. If you're making a post and you want to include pics that could be considered NSFW, do so in the comments of that post, not in the post itself.
6.) Discussing hormone doses is not allowed. Other people's doses are not relevant to your dose because their bodies are not your body. There is no such thing as a "standard dose", "high dose", or "low dose". There are only the doses that work for YOU. If you have concerns about your dose, you need to discuss them with your prescribing doctor.
7.)Posts asking how well you pass (or how you can pass better/look more masculine/feminine) or how old you look aren't allowed in this group. Neither is crowdsourcing your name. There are a number of groups that are specifically intended for those posts and you can get lots of helpful feedback there. Let's keep this group clear of those so there's more space for other Trans-related discussions.
8.) Very long posts (over 40 lines) and posts which contain any images need to have a cut tag.
9.) If you have a response to a specific post, respond in the comments section of that post; do not make a new post to follow up on any discussion that is less than a week old.
10.) Do not delete other people's comments on a post you make, under any circumstances. Do not screen or freeze comments (your own included). Do not disable comments when you make a post. If you have a problem with a comment thread, please contact the moderator.

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