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Bringing together people of all genders for discussion of Transgender issues. Everyone is welcome.
Эта группа для английского языка только. Смотрите ru_transgender для русского языка.

The Transgender LJ Community exists to bring together people of all genders for discussion of Transgender issues. Everyone who wants to discuss gender in an open and friendly manner is welcome.

The phrase "all genders" has resulted in confusion in the past. To clarify, it does not mean "trans people and non trans people", as being trans is not a gender. "All genders" means those who identify as men, women, genderqueer people, androgynes, neutrois people, and so-on. Those who are not trans are welcome to join and post, but please reflect that this is trans-centric community.

If you’re new to the community, please check out the tags to see if your questions have been recently discussed. If you don't find what you're looking for, please post whatever questions or concerns you have. (The tags for any journal or community can be accessed by clicking the Tags link at the top of the profile page.)

The tags will help you find posts on commonly asked questions.

For an organized list of other Trans-related communities (and there are a lot of them), look in this post (and feel free to comment there if you know of any additional communities).

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no tolerance for hate speech, members or non-members attacking each other personally, pornographic material or links to pornographic material, hate speech or any other form of overt intolerance/disrespect. Such posts will be removed. Trolling, also, will be dealt with at the discretion of the maintainers. If you feel strongly that your post is valid, despite being judged in one of these categories, please contact the community maintainers and we can discuss the matter.

Also please note: Advertising for "ratings communities", where people are encouraged to submit their photos for voting/discussion/derision/etc. is not permitted, and advertisements of this nature will be deleted without notice. You're free to start such communities, but you'll have to find somewhere else to promote them. I would recommend community_promo.

Please keep in mind that this community is for the discussion of Transgender issues, so please do not post articles for sale unless they are somehow directly connected to the community. If so, please describe in your post why you feel this is appropriate here, instead of in forsale. If you're looking to trade items with other Trans folks, please post to genderswapshop.

Your friendly neighborhood moderators are loveisms, ftmichael, lisaquestions, murdercake, and parmonster. They're here to help.

Community Rules (in no particular order):
1.) No personal attacks on others.
2.) Please speak from your own experiences and avoid speaking for others.
3.) Constructive criticism of something that someone else says is fine; flat-out insulting someone is not.
4.) Transphobia/cissexism of any kind will not be tolerated here, nor will prejudice against any generalized group of people (i.e. homophobia/heterosexism, racism, classism, sexism, etc.)
5.) Very long posts (over 40 lines) and posts which contain any images should use a cut tag or the post will be deleted. Unless there are other major problems with the post, you will have 24 hours to edit your post and add a cut before a moderator removes it.
6.) Do not change the size or color of the text in your post. It makes your post more difficult to read and does not make anyone more likely to read it. Similarly, bold, italic, and underline are used to add emphasis to specific bits of text; do not use any of them on your entire post. This defeats their purpose and has the same effect as changing the size or color of your text. Posts which violate this rule will be given 24 hours to edit their post, after which time it will be removed.
7.) If you have a response to a specific post, respond in the comments section of that post; do not make a new post to follow up on any discussion that is less than a week old. If you feel the need to heavily revise your post, add a note that says you have done so, and why (e.g., "Post heavily revised in response to comments", "Post heavily revised after doing some more thinking", etc.). Similarly, don't continue conversations from a previous post in someone else's unrelated post.
8.) Please keep posts at least somewhat related to Trans issues.
9.) Advertisements for other Trans-related groups are welcome.
10.) Posts that are greatly off-topic or that advertise irrelevant communities, blogs, products, etc. will be removed. This includes posts that are blatant advertisements thinly disguised as relevant posts.
11.) Requests for donations/money are not allowed.
12.) Anything sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be behind a cut tag, with a note in front of the tag indicating why it's been cut. Links to sites, communities, etc. that are sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be indicated as such.
13.) Posts, comments, and default userpics should be kept free of explicit content. (from http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=107 )
14.) Posts or comments that contain blatant hate speech will be removed. Individuals who post hate speech will be warned twice, and on the third occasion will be banned. Additionally, the need for everyone to feel respected and supported is more important here than the need for someone to try to be funny by making fun of others, whether directly or indirectly. Comments or posts that serve no purpose but to make fun of others will be treated as hate speech.
15.) Please do not screen or disable comments on any post. Individuals who have screened the comments on their post will be reminded of this rule and given the chance to correct it. Posts with comments disabled will be removed immediately.
16.) Do not delete other people's comments on a post you make, under any circumstances. Do not screen or freeze comments (your own included). Do not disable comments when you make a post. If you have a problem with a comment thread, please contact the moderators. Members are strongly encouraged not to delete their own comments or posts in this community, as it makes it difficult to see who said what in the event of a disagreement. Eraser beware.
17.) Posts which are likely to be contentious or controversial should be posted with [controversial] in the subject line. If it becomes obvious from commenting that a post is controversial, or if you're asked by a moderator, please add it. The moderators reserve the right to remove posts which do not conform to this rule. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.
18.) When reposting or linking to stories from other sources, including links to your own blog posts, additional commentary or summarization relating to the externally sourced content and its relevance to transgender is strongly encouraged.

In situations where we feel there is a problem, or a violation of the community rules, moderators will use discretion in dealing with it. There can be a fine line between robust debate and flaming. If someone is a "persistent offender", they are less likely to be given the benefit of the doubt.